State Portal Program Manager


The Access Hawaii Committee and its Legislative mandated duties were established by Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 27G (Act 172/SLH 2007). Chapter 27G specifies the duties of the committee as providing oversight of the ‘Portal Manager’, hereinafter referred to as the portal provider, including:

  1. Review of the annual strategic plan and periodic reports on potential new applications and services submitted by the portal provider;
  2. Review and approval of service level agreements negotiated by government agencies with the portal provider;
  3. Review and approval of all charges to portal users;
  4. Review of the annual financial reports and audits of the portal provider;
  5. Review of annual customer satisfaction surveys conducted by the portal provider; and
  6. Review of performance measures of the portal submitted as part of the service management plan for portal-wide indicators and application specific indicators.

HRS, Chapter 27G was amended by the 2010 Legislature (Act 101, HB2505) to establish the Access Hawaii Committee Special Fund, into which fees collected to support the Access Hawaii Committee shall be deposited. Per the terms of the portal provider contract, such fees shall be used to fund a Portal Program Manager and associated support.

The Access Hawaii Committee intends to contract for the function of the Portal Program Manager until such time that a position within the State government has been created to fulfill this function and its associated roles and responsibilities.

Role of the Portal Program Manager

The Portal Program Manager shall function as a vendor relationship manager to assist the Access Hawaii Committee with its Legislative mandated duty of providing oversight of the portal provider. In support of the Committee’s charge to provide review of strategic plans, the Access Hawaii Committee will need guidance from the Portal Program Manager relating to strategies for online payment processing, electronic document filing, internet initiatives, paperless initiatives, and web application development. The Portal Program Manager will collaborate with the portal provider and government agencies to promote e-government and to increase on-line services that can be easily, conveniently, and securely accessed by the public.

Responsibilities of the Portal Program Manager

  1. Track portal provider activities to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the portal provider contract;
  2. Review Portal Contractor’s financial reports;
  3. Evaluate new Statements of Work, fee agreements, priorities, and Service Level Agreements under negotiation between government agencies and the portal provider and present findings and recommendations to the Access Hawaii Committee;
  4. Review and report on enhancements and maintenance proposed to existing portal applications and services; provide recommendations to Access Hawaii Committee regarding any need for a new Statement of Work;
  5. Work with the portal provider to create and analyze an annual survey of government agencies and end users utilizing the State Portal to determine if portal provider’s services are satisfactory; present findings and recommendations based on the survey results to the Access Hawaii Committee.
  6. Assist in prioritizing self-funded applications in the development queue;
  7. Organize, support, document, and facilitate Access Hawaii Committee meetings, to include abiding by Sunshine Law (Hawaii’s open meetings law, part I of chapter 92, HRS);
  8. Ensure that State standards for all applications and services are adhered to by portal provider;
  9. Collaborate with portal provider to develop best practices documents on Internet presentation and consistency, data exchange, and cyber security;
  10. Coordinate and conduct studies of portal direction and services related to changes in the portal technology life cycle.

Relevant to Communications:

  1. Report directly to the Chairperson of the Access Hawaii Committee;
  2. Prepare the Access Hawaii Committee annual report to the Governor and the legislature;
  3. Communicate portal provider’s status to the Access Hawaii Committee on a regular basis;
  4. Provide an alternate contact point for potential state and county government partners;
  5. Organize and coordinate training sessions for Access Hawaii Committee members, as needed;

Relevant to Promotion of eGovernment:

  1. Participate in discussions between government agencies for matters relating to the State Portal and cross-agency Portal initiatives;
  2. Act as an advocate of the program within state and county government;
  3. Approach government agencies for ideas on new eGovernment services;
  4. Provide suggestions on marketing and public relations campaigns such as award submissions and surveys to the portal provider for the purposes of promoting eGovernment services and electronic business transactions related to the portal provider contract;
  5. Perform other related duties as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities of the Portal Program Manager

  1. Knowledge of Hawaii State and County government, agency responsibilities and existing processes.
  2. Knowledge of eGovernment initiatives, and of relevant local and national trends
  3. Knowledge of state/county budget and planning procedures.
  4. Ability to evaluate program situations in terms of information processing, computer applications delivery, software and computer hardware enhancements, business requirements definition, and cost effectiveness.
  5. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  6. Ability to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously and collaboratively.
  7. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with computer literate professionals, executive-level government officials, and business professionals.
  8. Ability to apply negotiating skills successfully.
  9. Ability to understand audited and un-audited financial reports.

Qualifications of the Portal Program Manager

  1. Portal Program Manager shall be a state employee or an independent contractor, without ties to any firm, dedicated to the interests and responsibilities of the Access Hawaii Committee.
  2. Portal Program Manager shall have leadership and supervisory experience.
  3. Portal Program Manager shall have previous experience with electronic government or electronic commerce.
  4. Portal Program Manager shall have experience with current web and mobile technologies.