Access Hawaii Committee – Overview

The twentieth Legislature, 2000 passed Act 292 which established the Access Hawaii Committee (AHC) to oversee the state of Hawaii’s internet portal activities. Through a competitive bidding process, the state entered into a contract with Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC dba Tyler Hawaii.

Under the contract, Tyler Hawaii provides, at no cost to the state, all necessary hardware, software, portal infrastructure, administration, payment processing, and other services necessary for operation of the Internet portal. Pursuant to Act 292, the AHC coordinates the activities of Tyler Hawaii and the departments and agencies that utilize the Portal.

What does AHC do?

The committee shall provide oversight of the portal manager including:

  1. Review of the annual strategic plan and periodic reports on potential new applications and services submitted by the portal manger;
  2. Review and approval of service level agreements negotiated by government agencies with the portal manager;
  3. Review of the annual financial reports and audit of the portal manager.
  4. Review of annual customer satisfaction surveys conducted by the portal manger; and
  5. Review of performance measures of the portal submitted as part of the service management plan for portal-wide indicators and application specific indicators.